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Commercial Hardware
In commercial environments, high traffic and security are primary considerations when specifying hardware, in addition to its adaptability to the latest security hardware and devices, and compliance with industry standards. We provided a wide range of ANSI/BHMA certified Grade 1 and 2 hardware designed for heavy duty door openings. 
High Security Credentials
Safes & Physical Deterrants
“High Security” is a term that can only be used to describe the unique protection afforded by keys that can never be copied without authorization coupled with lock devices that are pick and drill resistant and certified by UL437.
We are committed to helping business organize, store and protect the things that they consider important and irreplaceable. That's why our products are designed with today's office in mind, our business files and safes offer unsurpassed protection for paper and digitally stored documents. Whether you need a portable cashbox, a fire file with fire and water protection, or a feature-rich security safe, you'll find a well-designed solution that meets your business storage needs.
Door Solutions
Door solutions finish out your security package by providing the extra’s needed to provide a complete solutions such as Peep Holes, Push Pull Plates and Key Cabinets.
Gate & Perimeter Security
Mailbox & Secure Storage
Perimeter gates are used to protect against a variety of vehicle and personnel threats. Gates are designed and crash tested to meet the DOS K12 ASTM M50/P1 anti-vehicle specification down to simple anti-personnel requirements. We offer the advantage of integrating non-rated anti-personnel gates onto rated anti-vehicular systems. Our variety of gates are available in a variety of lengths, materials, operational configurations, and performance ratings to meet the your needs.
Mail and media handling systems ensure secure and confidential movement of data materials. Mail facilities that are served by the postal service, both indoor and outdoor, must comply with federally mandated specifications. We can assist with the design concept and provision of architectural drawings to the complete turnkey installation.
Carry the 4 required current State Contractor Licenses and Bureau of Consumer affairs State License.
Manufacturers shown are our top line products and does not include all the manufacturers we carry.